This gift bundle includes a "Podstakannik" tea glass holder with its drinking glass, plus a blackcurrant & mint black tea by Mayskiy.


Glass holder: 

Nickel-plated glass holder, portraying three heroes on their horses ("tri bogatyrya"). A "granenyi stakan" faceted glass also included. Made in Russia. 

For hot and cold drinks.The podstakannik has been popularized in the Russian tea culture since the late 18th century & is still widely used on Russian trains to serve and drink tea. At Nevski, we use the podstakanniki to serve our Trans-Siberian signature cocktail and hot teas.



Ceylon black tea with blackcurrant and mint (in tea bags).

Mayskiy is the Russian brand of tea we proudly serve at Nevski, because we love its quality, reputation and delicious taste. It has become a clients' favorite - that's why we decided to make it available at our market! 

25 tea bags - 2 g each


GIFT BUNDLE: Glass Holder + Drinking Glass + Mayskiy blackcurrant & mint tea

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